Some gay films for parents to watch

by Gay Wiseman

As the greater part of understanding what exactly your child is experiencing may require some sophisticated visual and dramatic perspective, I have put together a list of movies.  This list comprises both foreign and domestic films.  You will find, however, that more foreign films deal with these subjects.

Because the LGBTQIA subculture is so diverse and comprises many co-cultures within those indefinite gender identity boundaries, there may be themes in these films that don’t necessarily apply to your child.  Still, you may still want to watch them for the sake of empathy and understanding of other subcultures within the normative LGBT/GLBT groups.

As the focus of this space is for the rearing of boys/young men, the films selected speak of issues concerning the biologically male perspective.  Not all these films deal with the young child; and not all are suitable for a child audience.  In fact, some may not even deal with the child; rather, they are more about coming out and the angst that the individual feels toward coming out.  This will serve to provide the parent more context on the need for creating a safe environment for individual growth and self expression.  The reader should consider that these films are intended to educate them about the complex inner conflict that many gay children, youths and gay men experience.  Many will deal with coming of age, which is an interdependent aspect of the gay identity.  Also, some of these films may not necessarily depict a happy ending.  But you should consider that often times life itself is not tidy; it is raw.  Certainly there are many more films; therefore, I would encourage readers to submit their own lists with some commentary about the their recommended film.

I really hope these will help you understand all that is going on inside the head of that special little person.